Proviron is the right choice.

Proviron is an orally acting synthetic androgen that has no anabolic properties. In conventional medicine, Proviron is used to treat disorders caused by a lack of male sex hormones.

Therefore, many athletes use it at the end of a steroid Proviron cycle to increase the decrease in testosterone production. Proviron does not affect your own testosterone production, but as mentioned above, it smoothes or completely eliminates the disorders caused by testosterone deficiency. In particular, potency disorders caused by a lack of testosterone, which can occur when you stop taking steroids, or infertility, resulting in decreased sperm count and decreased quality.

Proviron will be able to increase diminished sexual interest and potency potential during or when the steroid cycle is interrupted. But the strength and masses that disappear after steroid treatment are not maintained. There are special preparations for this (HCG, Dinerik and Fludestrin). Therefore, Proviron is unfortunately considered by many to be an overkill and impotent drug (Daniel Duchain, “Underground Steroid, Vol. 2”: “I don’t see the benefit of Proviron in sports performance”), because most people see it . I don’t know the main use of the drug in bodybuilding. Car Proviron is also an estrogen antagonist that prevents steroid aromatization.

Unlike the anti-estrogen Nolvadex, which blocks estrogen receptors, Proviron prevents the aromatization of the steroids themselves. This prevents gynecomastia and excessive water retention. As Proviron strongly suppresses estrogen production, the opposite effect does not occur when the drug is stopped, which can happen with Nolvadex, where steroid aromatization is not prevented. It can be said that Proviron pulls the disease (aromatization) from the root, while Nolvadex fights the symptoms. Male athletes should prefer Proviron over Nolvadex.

With Proviron, the athlete gets better muscle hardness, tk. androgen levels increase and estrogen levels remain low. This is especially evident when preparing for championships combined with diet. Athletes, who naturally have higher estrogen levels, often add Proviron to steroids, which shows up as increased muscle density. It was common for professional bodybuilders to take 25mg a day for several weeks, i.e. a 25mg tablet a day, sometimes for months, to look slim for an entire year. This is especially important when it comes to performance and filming.

Today, Clenbuterol is usually taken for an entire year as it does not cause the virilization phenomena that are possible with Proviron. As Proviron is very effective, 50 mg per day is sufficient for men. This means that the athlete swallows one 25 mg tablet in the morning, another of the same in the evening. In some cases, this tablet will suffice. When Proviron is combined with Nolvadex (50 mg of Proviron daily and 20 mg of Nolvadex daily), an almost complete suppression of estrogen occurs. Even better results are obtained with 50 mg of Proviron per day and 500-1000 mg of Fludestrin per day. As Fludestrin is an extremely expensive drug, it is much easier to buy Proviron, most athletes don’t even bother with this combination.

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Proviron and resources for your use.

The side effects of the drug in men at a dose of 2-3 pills are extremely low, so Proviron in combination with a steroid cycle can be taken relatively safely for more than a few weeks. Proviron is very well tolerated by the liver and there will be no liver dysfunction at the indicated doses. For athletes who are used to working under the motto “more is better”, taking Proviron can cause something paradoxical. In the instructions for use of his drug, Vistimon writes Yenafarm: “In high doses, it can cause a delay in the body of electrolytes and water, and, accordingly, edema.” Those who don’t take more than 2-4 pills a day may not have to worry about this.

Perhaps the most common side effect of Proviron – here we must talk about an accompanying phenomenon – is pronounced sexual overstimulation and, in some cases, a prolonged erection of the penis. Since this condition is painful and can lead to all sorts of injuries, it makes sense to reduce the dose of the drug or stop using it altogether. Athletes should use Proviron with caution as all sorts of androgenic side effects are not ruled out.

Women are advised not to exceed one 25 mg tablet per day. Higher doses and administration time longer than 4 weeks increase the risk of virilization. Athletes who have no problems with Proviron get good results when they take 25 mg of Proviron per day and 20 mg of Nolvadex per day. They say that in combination with a diet, there is an accelerated burning of fat and a rapid hardening of the muscles.

It will not be difficult to buy Proviron: the variety is huge and there is always a variety. So, German Proviron – in small glass bottles, Spanish – in cellular packaging. And yet, all Proviron> tablets have a notch and an AX print, around which a hexagon is driven. So far, there are no fakes yet.

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