Benefits of oral steroids. The most popular drugs

Conditions for taking steroids

Beginners should take advantage of a short course lasting no longer than 6 weeks. This allows you to identify your body’s reaction to the steroid and decide what to do next. During the first admission, it is absolutely necessary to respect the recommended doses.

It is worth buying oral anabolic only in specialized stores. Here you can find quality medicines at an affordable price. Delivery throughout Kazakhstan is fast and you will get effective results in a few weeks.

The course of taking steroids should not exceed 3 months, after which you need to take a break. Experts recommend that after the cycle a special restorative therapy, which not only preserves the achieved effect, but also restores hormonal balance, protects the body from side effects.

In most cases, the negative consequences of steroid use are due to unwarranted dose changes.

The most effective steroid

Oxymetholone is considered one of the strongest drugs. It was developed in Mexico in the 60’s. The use of the steroid should not last more than a month. The daily dose is divided into 2 doses.

Rating of oral steroid pills

Think of the best pill preparations to increase muscle mass:

  • Danabol, or Methandienone, is often used by athletes to gain mass. Most are in the liquid, so taking the drug alone is not effective. In combination with the right means, methane increases muscle mass, relieves muscles and reduces the risk of side effects.
  • Turinabol is a sweetened analogue of the former drug. This steroid does not lead to water retention, dries muscles, increases strength.
  • Oxymetholone is a very powerful drug that promotes intense muscle mass gain. Anabol increases stamina, reduces joint pain.

Compared to injections, oral steroids work quickly, but not for long. Oral medications must be taken quite often – but there are no difficulties with their use.

During doping tests, it is difficult to identify these drugs as they are quickly excreted from the body. The pills are suitable for beginners and people who cannot tolerate injections.

It is easy to store steroids in tablet form in Almaty: you just need to place them in a dark, dry place. When choosing a drug, you should prefer well-known brands, as they are subject to strict quality control and are characterized by safety. You should not buy steroids from unverified suppliers as they may be counterfeit. Just trust specialized stores!

Oral sports preparations have been used by athletes for a variety of purposes for over half a century. As a rule, these are the means by which you can increase your physical skills and speed up the sports training process before competitions. There are weight gain pills for girls and men. They differ in name and area of ​​use. These are advanced steroids. Many athletes use anabolic steroids to win. An integrated approach to training and taking anabolic steroids delivers maximum results without harming your health. The first hormone to appear on the pharmacological market was testosterone pills. Originally used in medicine, and since the late 30s of the last century, it has occupied a prominent place in the field of sports. Later, anabolic substances were created based on this specific hormone. This made it possible to expand the range. The legal status of anabolic steroids was occupied until the end of the 20th century. After massive use in amateur sports, steroids were banned and equated with potent substances. Athletes had to look for an alternative and mask the use of special means.

Benefits of tablets

  • Convenient reception.
  • The ability to increase muscle mass.
  • Stay healthy for future careers.
  • Rapid effect immediately after administration.
  • Get an edge over rivals during competitions.
  • Quick period of complete elimination.

In addition to the basic properties, sports steroids improve the quality of training. Many professionals prefer exercise therapy. It is important to read the instructions before the course and consult your doctor. Beginners often make unforgivable mistakes as a result of bad results and bad reviews.

Pharmacological impact.

When choosing, you must take into account the purpose of taking and the effect of each drug included in the course. You can use one or more funds at the same time without any consequences for the organization. For bodybuilding, the most important and important aspect is mass, runners and strength athletes need strength. To understand all the features, you should consider the general features:

  • Stimulation of rapid muscle growth.
  • Increase physical data.
  • Saturation of the body with energy and oxygen.
  • Slow down the processes of catabolism.
  • Fat burning effect.
  • Strengthening the skeletal system.
  • Positive effect on immunity.
  • Increases endurance during long workouts.

Popular oral steroids

In the modern market you can find a wide variety of anabolic steroids. We list the drugs that are in high demand in the sports world:

  • Methandienone;
  • Oxymetholone;
  • Oxandrolone;
  • stanozolol;
  • Turinabol;
  • provide
  • Modafinil and others.